Mastering Digital Collaboration in Remote Teams

I remember my initial days as a creative director at an ad agency, working on big touchscreen devices and discussing project intricacies over the traditional conference table. Who would have thought back then, that we would shift to entirely remote teams, working harmoniously across time zones, and still nailing those deadlines?

So, how did we manage to survive, and importantly, flourish in this new normal? The answer lies in file collaboration and approval software. Let me share my top 10 tips on how you can elevate your remote teamwork game using this tool.

Achieve Common File terminologies

First things first: get everyone on the same page with file naming and folder organization strategies. Imagine getting lost in the built-in search function! It’s not a pretty picture. Trust me, when every team member adheres to an agreed-upon structure, it makes for smoother files processing.

Automate Workflow Process

Create templates for repetitive tasks and automate as much as possible. You don’t want to be manually sending approval emails when you could be brainstorming your next big idea.

Comprehensive Version Control

Ever had to revise a project proposal twenty times? I have, and it’s not fun without version control. A clear system helps track changes and avoids confusion.

Go Cloud!

The convenience of accessing files from anywhere cannot be understated. Last year, when I was vacationing in Fiji (I know, right?), I could still review and approve designs thanks to the cloud. Just ensure your files are secure with robust encryption.

Speaking of which, have you ever wished to transfer digital files effortlessly and have them approved online swiftly?

FileApproved.com is the solution for you. It’s incredibly intuitive and makes collaboration a breeze.

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Train the Team

Adopting new tools calls for training. Taking time to educate your team will save countless hours down the line. Back in 2018, we transitioned to an entirely new software, and conducting training sessions was the best decision we made.

Feedback & Approval Process

Constructive feedback is the lifeblood of great work but avoid vague comments like “change the color” or “make it pop”. Ensure your platform supports clear and precise annotations.

Maintain Open Communication

A communication channel without barriers is crucial. You need to discuss, debate, and sometimes even argue to produce innovative ideas.

Integration is the Key

Your file collaboration tool should integrate with other apps in your toolbox. Imagine getting Slack notifications when you receive file approvals. Pretty convenient, right?

Data Exports & Reports

Keeping track of analytics helps understand your workflow better. Use data exports and reports to identify bottlenecks and improve your processes.


The tool must scale as your team grows. There’s nothing worse than realizing six months into using a tool that it cannot handle more users or data capacity.

Last, But Not Least…

Find a tool that fits your needs instead of adapting to a tool. A tool like FileApproved.com offers all the above features and more. It makes file collaboration easier, faster, and more efficient.

From my journey at an ad agency to now, mastering file collaboration and approval software has been a game-changer. Here’s hoping these tips elevate your remote teamwork and take it to new heights. Because learning never stops, even if you are a Creative Director of an ad agency or a freelancer beginning your journey in the remote world.

Ready to Boost Your Team’s Efficiency?

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