Get Files Approved Faster

Takes seconds to send files for review. Just upload the file, send the link, and the review can add feedback or instantly approve.

Feedback tools have too many features

So, rather than cram as many features as we could like everybody else, we made it fast and easy. 

 File Approved has the features you want, which is all you really need.

Easiest-To-Use File Review and Approval

We’ll admit, there are other file approval apps out there, but most of them need personal info or are too hard to use.

A person kneels on the ground while pointing to floating documents. They are smiling and demonstrating a specific document among several sheets of paper around them, as if highlighting key features for a landing page.

First, upload your file with File Approved’s easy-to-use uploader.

Easily send the reviewer the link to your file for them to review.

The reviewer can easily review your file with no complicated logins.

The reviewer can easily approve your file or leave feedback.

Price for Everyone

We think that people should not have to pay more than a cup of coffee for good software. It’s 2023, service space is affordable and so should software.


Perfect for Anyone

The homepage displays a message that reads "FILE APPROVED. Congrats! The following file has been approved via FileApproved.com" with a green checkmark icon.

Get Approval Proof

Once the receiver approves the file, you will get an approval receipt, so you have proof that the file was approved. No more back and forth, he-said, she-said.

If they can use Google, they can approve a file.

File Approved is so easy, anyone can approve a file. There aren’t a lot of complicated features to learn or use, just either comment on the file or approve it. That’s it! With a simple interface, no file-versioning, and instant approval, it is the quickest and easiest way to get files approved by anyone!

An image of a screenshot showing a feedback interface on the homepage, with text input fields for comments, an image of a mountain at sunset, and buttons for adding comments and submitting revisions.

What is File Approved?

File Approved is the quickest and easiest way to send files to get approved.

Upload the file, send the link, and let the viewer submit notes or approve it. Nothing to learn and no features nobody uses.