Get Files Approved! No Features You Don't Need / Use

A quick and easy way to send files to get approved by anyone who needs to approve any file. Upload the file, send the link and let them submit notes or approve it. Nothing to learn and no features nobody uses.

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Easiest-To-Use File Review and Approval

We'll admit, there are other file approval apps out there, but most of them need personal info or are too hard to use.

Set Credentials

Most other file approval apps require the receiver to provide an email. With FileApproved, YOU get to set what info you need from the reviewer.

Upload File

Upload the file you want feedback on and make a note for yourself (only visible to you). Then, just upload and view the file before sending it.

Copy Link & Send

Once you uploaded your file, it is time to send it to the reviewer. It could not be easier. Just hit the "copy link" button and send the link to the file!

Get Feedback

The receiver will be able to view the file and comment or approve the file, once they put in the info you set to receive. Easy as that!

Compare File Approved to the "Competition's" Cheapest Paid Plans


Customize Credentials?
Unlimited (40mb per file)
Yes! No email required!
$3.99 / Month
No customization.
Recipient Email Required.
$15 / User / Month
20GB Per Week
No customization.
Recipient Email Required.
$20 / Month
No customization.
Recipient Email Required.
Team Comments Only.
$19.95 / User / Month
5GB - 1 Active Project
No customization.
Recipient Email Required.
$9 / User / Month
No customization.
Recipient Email Required.
$29 / Month

Get Approval Proof!

Once the receiver approves the file, you will get an approval receipt, so you have proof that the file was approved. No more back and forth, he-said, she-said.

If they can use Facebook or Instagram, they can approve a file.

File Approved is so easy, anyone can approve a file. There aren't a lot of complicated features to learn or use, just either comment on the file or approve it. That's it! With a simple interface, no file-versioning, and instant approval, it is the quickest and easiest way to get files approved by anyone!